AGM 2021 – Verified Voting motions

Post the AGM, all voting means were totalled and then independently re-counted and verified by Ed Jones (Member of the EC) and George Petrides (Non EC covenanter).  The final votes are below;

Increase the annual subscription to £60 for the year ended 31 December 2021 – In Favour 151 Votes, Against 21, Abstain 3. 86% were in favour.

Introduce an annual litigation fund fee of £60 (to be reconfirmed annually) – In Favour 121 Votes, Against 49, Abstain 5. 69% were in favour.

To allow Committee members to be co-opted. Any member so co-opted must be put forward for election by the majority of covenantors who vote at the AGM immediately following their co-option – In Favour 155 Votes, Against 18, Abstain 2. 89% were in favour.

To Appoint the following Covenantors as committee members. Matt Harris (co-opted May 2021), Brian McGurk – In Favour 165 Votes, Against 8, Abstain 2. 94% were in favour.

To confirm the 1959 resolution regarding back site development, which is “That this meeting consider the present trend towards “back site” development on the Estate is undesirable and authorise the Committee to take this view into account when considering the plans for new buildings submitted to them” – In Favour 155 Votes, Against 16, Abstain 4. 89% were in favour.