Last date for Objections

Wednesday 23 February – TOMORROW.

The Estate Committee (EC) is collating completed forms and forwarding to its solicitor, to serve on Gordons and file with the Land Tribunal by 28 February 2022. In order to facilitate that, a committee member will collect the forms from you on 23 February, or you can email to the secretary ( or you can leave them at one of the following addresses:

25 Meadowfield Road,

7 Painshawfield Road and

5 Crabtree Road by 23 February.

If you are unsure about completing the form, the EC cannot give you legal advice but one of our members will contact you to help. Again, email the secretary.

When you complete a notice of objection form, please note the following:

· the LT case number LC/2021/000472. should be inserted in the top right-hand corner of the form

· Your name and full contact details are required

· The form needs to be signed

Any problems, contact the secretary